Why you should get a raclette party grill




If you love entertaining guests and enjoy sharing good food with your close friends, no matter the occasion, then you must be thinking of a grill. You probably have one, or you’re thinking of getting one as soon as possible.

Indeed, a grill is the central piece of many party events, and you can even name the party after it. But you may find surprising the one I have in mind. A raclette grill party is even better than just a grill party, and you should get a raclette grill right away.

The raclette initially referred to the way large chunks of cheese were slowly melted by the fire and then grated by each companion at a time.

This modern version of the raclette grill is usually an electric two-tiered table-top structure, with a bottom level for heating small pans, or coupelles, and a higher level that serves for heating or cooking.

The non-stick surface, sometimes made of granite, makes it ideal for almost any kind of heating or cooking (except maybe chocolate)  as long as you have the right amount of heat.

The beauty of this device is partly inherited from the traditional Swiss practice, which allowed each of the diners to take care of their own raclette (the grilled scraped cheese dish) and accompany it with potatoes, prosciutto, salami, pickles, bread and lots of wine.

Nowadays you can get the cheese slices ready-made, and the pans hold vegetables and potatoes warm and ready for the cheese. The event is just as lengthy, cheerful and relaxed, so you’ll find it hard to believe you lived without the raclette party grill until now.

If that is not reason enough, there is good news for those who want to cook various dishes instead of the common raclette cheese. You can use the raclette grill for anything from meat steak and vegetables to crepes. The Teflon, ceramic coating or other non-stick surfaces will make that possible; search for the products that offer variable heating of the top-tier.

If you’re still not sure whether to buy a raclette party grill or not, check for the models whose upper grill can be configured by flipping it for a different sort of grill arrangement or by recombining the modules. You’ll have long ridges to make space for kebabs or a flat grill to bake the quesadillas.

The grill has a minimum of two cooking pans, but if you’re about to start a party, the ones with eight pans are the ones you should get.

The great idea behind raclette party grill is to get together, eat, have lots of fun and share the task of cooking with everyone else so that it doesn’t have to be a burden for anyone. I hope your first party will be a success!



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