The best board games you can buy this year



Thousands of new board games arise every year, and they’re so diverse that picking just one is difficult even for a highly advised player. Here is my own list containing the best board games in 2017.



MombasaReleased in 2015, Mombasa is a complex game of trading resources, whose action takes place on the rich continent of Africa. Designed for 2 or 4 players, this board game will get you and your friends involved in an exhilarating but tricky game of juggling with stocks, merchandise, and bookkeeping, where forward planning is just as important as keeping track of your past movements. With a large setup, Mombasa promises to keep you entertained for a couple of hours, but be ready to spend some time learning the plethora of rules.



Pandemic: Legacy

Pandemic LegacyYou can’t possibly miss out on one of the biggest hit in the world’s board game history, and it is so despite its co-op style of playing. The game follows the narrative of the original Pandemic game released in 2008, but it has more ramifications and a more complex development. The premise is simple: four disease specialists are trying to save the world from outbreaks of infectious, deadly viruses. This rush on the brink of an apocalyptic scenario unfolds over the course of an entire year, with different missions and objective emerging. In short, this is a very elaborate game, but with a simple enough setup to keep your mind clear and let you and your team do your best to beat the game.




ScytheVoted as number one on numerous dedicated forums, Scythe invites the five players to take over different factions trying to impose their power in what’s left of Europe after WW1st. With very few elements of luck, this game will have you carefully assess each step and opportunity while you’re trying to fulfill your hidden objective and gain more control on the board. The game starts with an asymmetrical premise, where each leader owns different resources, the balance being kept by different starting positions, abilities, victory points and so on. This game is a strategic masterpiece, and the detailed art will leave you breathless.




CodenamesFinally, I would like to give a special mention to Codenames, a dedicated party game that’s both fun and competitive, and has the advantage of accommodating a large number of players. It’s a spy and word game that consists of two agencies trying to mark their own agents on the board without killing any civilians or bumping into the bad guy who’s going to put them out of the game.




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