How to buy an electronic dart board

Adventure and sports are fun, leisure and relaxation. Since ages men have been indulging in a number of games that were meant to fulfill the dietary needs of primitive human like hunting with bow and arrow. Later when farming, dairy and poultry products replaced meat from hunted animals, hunting still continued as a sport. Target shooting games were happily accepted as a replacement of hunting with an advantage of harmless form of enjoyment. Emergence of electronic dartboards is a big leap in the way we enjoy our spare moments.


As kids we are familiar with dartboards that could be targeted with typical steel tip darts. The problem with them was that tips were a bit dangerous especially for the young kids and the accuracy of hitting the target was a bit difficult to evaluate. Overcoming these problems in electronic dartboards, the surface of the board have a huge number of holes each capable of catching a soft tip dart. The electronic aspect is meant to do the task of a computer to find out which point is hit by the dart and reporting the accuracy of the player.  It is a good indoor sport for multiple players, which not only reports the accurate reading after a hit as well as preserves them for performance analysis.


Here are some guidelines to buy a good electronic dartboard

  • If you are planning to buy an electronic dart board to enjoy some fun filled moments with your friends, then check how many players the dartboard allows to play simultaneously. Also check how many scores it can show in one go. Most of the available models allow 4-8 players. Select the electronic dart board according to your need.
  • Second thing to check is how many different games options it contains. More the games the better you will enjoy with your pack of friends.
  • Size of the dart board is also a good feature to check in your purchase. Bigger is better.
  • LCD installed on the dart board must be quite durable, reliable and sturdy. It should not be prone to any breakage by an accidental stray dart.
  • Inquire about the weight and construction of accompanying darts. The darts must be solid enough to take a smooth and direct flight to the dartboard in the exact way you want it to hit. They must not be excessively lightweight. A lot of dartboards are quite good in all aspects, but compromise on dart quality. Just check this for a fruitful target practice. The darts should not bounce back from the board.


After my experience with a number of electronic dart boards, these are the points I consider essential to stress upon while getting one for a quality leisure sport.

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