5 tips for a great party at home


Contrary to what people might think, planning and organizing a house party is not a high-stress event. Parties are meant to be fun and flamboyant with plenty of mingling, chatter, and positivity. Invitations could be carefully hand crafted or silly and fun. Your party should always be appropriate for your intended guests. If your guest list contains children and under 18s, your entertainment should be clean, innocent, and engaging. Whereas, if your party is more of “ladies’ night out”, bring out the cocktail mix and chick-flicks!


#1. Getting your house, ‘party-ready’.

Your house is a reflection of who you are and how you live. No matter what kind of party you are planning to host, make sure that all the rooms that you are planning to allow your guests to venture into, are clean and tidy.

Party guests often have the uncanny ability of sauntering into rooms that are off-limits. Cordon off quarters that are out of the party scope.

If your party involves dancing and music, enthusiastic guests may end up knocking down knick-knacks, so make sure that all your delicate glass figurines and porcelain vases are safely stashed behind lock and key.

#2. Selecting food and drink.

The make-or-break of most house parties is the catering. Unlike parties in clubs or hotels, one cannot order something different if food is not up to one’s liking. Your guests may subtly hint at your catering choices by avoiding second helpings. On the other hand, great food will be complemented and relished, making your party, one for the legends.

A very important aspect to keep in mind while catering, is your guests’ preferences and sensibilities. Always order a healthy mix of vegan, vegetarian, and non-vegetarian food. Ensure that all your food is labeled and a brief write-up of ingredients are present to prevent and food allergy reactions.


#3. Music choices.

Most parties need a little ambiance to get the flow going. Music could be a great way to get people connected and socializing. Requesting a friend who might be a DJ is a great idea, as it frees you up to play host. Your music selections should have something for everyone. Remember, that not everyone enjoys EDM or dance pop numbers, so keep a healthy mix stacked!

Music is also a good way to shift the mood around from the time your party begins, to the time it really gets going. Start with something slower but interesting, as your guests come in. Progress to faster tempos to get feet tapping and fingers clicking as the party rolls on.

#4. Themes and decor.

When it comes to your different sets of friends’ and circles gathered at one place, there is often an ice-breaker that’s needed to put everyone at ease and keep a good vibe going. One way to achieve this, is music. Another way to get people talking, is to give them something to talk about! An interesting piece of art, could be a great conversation starter if your guests are still trickling in. A dartboard or a foosball table can make for friendly wagers.

Selecting a theme for your party, like a ‘Victorian Era wardrobe’ or ‘Ladies dressed as Dudes’ would be another great way to get people laughing and mixing.


#5. Establishing ground-rules.

Even if your party is a ‘chilled out’ affair, there are always some ground rules that the host must lay down and enforce. If you don’t want trouble with neighbors calling the cops, cars badly parked and towed away, nasty surprises in the bathroom sink, always let people know when to say when. Don’t be a party-pooper though! Just stay sensible.




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