3 tips to live healthier



We all want to look young and feel young. To achieve both, it all starts with what kind of lifestyle we live and how dedicated we are to kicking away any unhealthy habits that can nudge us toward an early grave or make us age as many as 12 years.

To live a healthier life nowadays, you will need more than just not smoking and not imbibing too much alcohol. It is indeed unfortunate that toxic substances are not just in the food we eat but also in what we drink and breathe. How can we live healthier in such a toxic environment?


Get moving

The major contributors to a healthy lifestyle are exercise and physical activity. Using your body enough prevents the disuse of your tissues and cells. Signs of unhealthy living include weakness, obesity, low endurance levels, and generally poor health that encourages disease.

Studies have shown that adults who get good sex two to three times per week can add as many as three years to their life. The number of calories burned when you get busy in bed can equal up to 30 minutes of running. Doing it regularly also lowers the blood pressure because of how your heart gets pumping. Sex also improves sleep, protects the heart, and boosts immunity.

Watching TV too long can take a real toll on your health, with every hour on the couch increasing the overall risk of dying by as much as 11 percent, and getting beaten by heart disease by as much as 18 percent. This doesn’t mean you have to quit watching TV totally. Just cutting back will go a long way.

Enjoy the outdoors more often. That said, do avoid too much sun exposure. There’s wisdom in slathering on sunscreen as part of your everyday skincare routine. Go for a sun protection product with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 30 or greater. Focus not just on your face as sun damage splotches and spots on the neck and chest can also cause premature skin aging.

Good-quality sun protection products can help ward off skin cancer, fine lines, wrinkles, and skin sagging.

You can experience the real fountain of youth with exercise. Studies have shown how engaging in high-impact exercise on a regular basis can add up to four years to your life. If you consider how high-intensity exercise works out your mind, brain, and your entire metabolism, that is not surprising at all.

Even a simple 30-minute brisk walk, which is a moderate form of exercise, can reduce the risk of heart problems.


Eat and drink sensibly

Living to be a 100 can start with something as simple as using smaller plates, getting smaller portions, or leaving a wee bit of food on your plate. Leftovers do not belong in your belly but should be kept in the fridge. Stop eating when you feel about 80 percent full.

Eating meals is not a race you have to win every time. Chew your food slowly and thoroughly, which also helps you enjoy the taste of every particle in what you eat. Eating less to enjoy food more can contribute to slower aging. Fewer calories slow the production of the thyroid hormone T3, which is responsible for slowing the metabolism down while making rapid the aging process.

Eat enough fruits and veggies. Vegetables and fruits are rich in antioxidants that slow down aging. Go no lower than three servings of fruits and veggies a day. Both types of food are nutritional powerhouses because they are rich in vitamins and fiber.

Choose lean meat over fat, white meat over red meat, and organic over processed foods.


Kick away bad habits

Alcohol can actually be good for you as long as it is taken in smaller quantities with sensible frequency. Having two or more drinks a day can have detrimental effects including weight gain as well as social problems. On the other hand, light drinking, such as once a day, can provide notable health benefits for both men and women.

Quitting smoking increases your lifespan. It could add years to your life. It is never too late to kick the smoking habit. Doing so can slow a disease and raise your chances of survival even when your lungs have already suffered significant damage such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and early lung cancer.

Keep a strong network of friends and family, as this prevents the risks of heart disease. Loneliness causes inflammation and can be equally dangerous as smoking or having high cholesterol. It is even riskier for elderly people who are also prone to depression.
The bottom line here is, you need to firmly decide to live a healthy lifestyle by making smart choices every day. It can add years to your life and lead to the proverbial fountain of youth.

5 tips for a great party at home


Contrary to what people might think, planning and organizing a house party is not a high-stress event. Parties are meant to be fun and flamboyant with plenty of mingling, chatter, and positivity. Invitations could be carefully hand crafted or silly and fun. Your party should always be appropriate for your intended guests. If your guest list contains children and under 18s, your entertainment should be clean, innocent, and engaging. Whereas, if your party is more of “ladies’ night out”, bring out the cocktail mix and chick-flicks!


#1. Getting your house, ‘party-ready’.

Your house is a reflection of who you are and how you live. No matter what kind of party you are planning to host, make sure that all the rooms that you are planning to allow your guests to venture into, are clean and tidy.

Party guests often have the uncanny ability of sauntering into rooms that are off-limits. Cordon off quarters that are out of the party scope.

If your party involves dancing and music, enthusiastic guests may end up knocking down knick-knacks, so make sure that all your delicate glass figurines and porcelain vases are safely stashed behind lock and key.

#2. Selecting food and drink.

The make-or-break of most house parties is the catering. Unlike parties in clubs or hotels, one cannot order something different if food is not up to one’s liking. Your guests may subtly hint at your catering choices by avoiding second helpings. On the other hand, great food will be complemented and relished, making your party, one for the legends.

A very important aspect to keep in mind while catering, is your guests’ preferences and sensibilities. Always order a healthy mix of vegan, vegetarian, and non-vegetarian food. Ensure that all your food is labeled and a brief write-up of ingredients are present to prevent and food allergy reactions.


#3. Music choices.

Most parties need a little ambiance to get the flow going. Music could be a great way to get people connected and socializing. Requesting a friend who might be a DJ is a great idea, as it frees you up to play host. Your music selections should have something for everyone. Remember, that not everyone enjoys EDM or dance pop numbers, so keep a healthy mix stacked!

Music is also a good way to shift the mood around from the time your party begins, to the time it really gets going. Start with something slower but interesting, as your guests come in. Progress to faster tempos to get feet tapping and fingers clicking as the party rolls on.

#4. Themes and decor.

When it comes to your different sets of friends’ and circles gathered at one place, there is often an ice-breaker that’s needed to put everyone at ease and keep a good vibe going. One way to achieve this, is music. Another way to get people talking, is to give them something to talk about! An interesting piece of art, could be a great conversation starter if your guests are still trickling in. A dartboard or a foosball table can make for friendly wagers.

Selecting a theme for your party, like a ‘Victorian Era wardrobe’ or ‘Ladies dressed as Dudes’ would be another great way to get people laughing and mixing.


#5. Establishing ground-rules.

Even if your party is a ‘chilled out’ affair, there are always some ground rules that the host must lay down and enforce. If you don’t want trouble with neighbors calling the cops, cars badly parked and towed away, nasty surprises in the bathroom sink, always let people know when to say when. Don’t be a party-pooper though! Just stay sensible.




The best board games you can buy this year



Thousands of new board games arise every year, and they’re so diverse that picking just one is difficult even for a highly advised player. Here is my own list containing the best board games in 2017.



MombasaReleased in 2015, Mombasa is a complex game of trading resources, whose action takes place on the rich continent of Africa. Designed for 2 or 4 players, this board game will get you and your friends involved in an exhilarating but tricky game of juggling with stocks, merchandise, and bookkeeping, where forward planning is just as important as keeping track of your past movements. With a large setup, Mombasa promises to keep you entertained for a couple of hours, but be ready to spend some time learning the plethora of rules.



Pandemic: Legacy

Pandemic LegacyYou can’t possibly miss out on one of the biggest hit in the world’s board game history, and it is so despite its co-op style of playing. The game follows the narrative of the original Pandemic game released in 2008, but it has more ramifications and a more complex development. The premise is simple: four disease specialists are trying to save the world from outbreaks of infectious, deadly viruses. This rush on the brink of an apocalyptic scenario unfolds over the course of an entire year, with different missions and objective emerging. In short, this is a very elaborate game, but with a simple enough setup to keep your mind clear and let you and your team do your best to beat the game.




ScytheVoted as number one on numerous dedicated forums, Scythe invites the five players to take over different factions trying to impose their power in what’s left of Europe after WW1st. With very few elements of luck, this game will have you carefully assess each step and opportunity while you’re trying to fulfill your hidden objective and gain more control on the board. The game starts with an asymmetrical premise, where each leader owns different resources, the balance being kept by different starting positions, abilities, victory points and so on. This game is a strategic masterpiece, and the detailed art will leave you breathless.




CodenamesFinally, I would like to give a special mention to Codenames, a dedicated party game that’s both fun and competitive, and has the advantage of accommodating a large number of players. It’s a spy and word game that consists of two agencies trying to mark their own agents on the board without killing any civilians or bumping into the bad guy who’s going to put them out of the game.




How to buy an electronic dart board

Adventure and sports are fun, leisure and relaxation. Since ages men have been indulging in a number of games that were meant to fulfill the dietary needs of primitive human like hunting with bow and arrow. Later when farming, dairy and poultry products replaced meat from hunted animals, hunting still continued as a sport. Target shooting games were happily accepted as a replacement of hunting with an advantage of harmless form of enjoyment. Emergence of electronic dartboards is a big leap in the way we enjoy our spare moments.


As kids we are familiar with dartboards that could be targeted with typical steel tip darts. The problem with them was that tips were a bit dangerous especially for the young kids and the accuracy of hitting the target was a bit difficult to evaluate. Overcoming these problems in electronic dartboards, the surface of the board have a huge number of holes each capable of catching a soft tip dart. The electronic aspect is meant to do the task of a computer to find out which point is hit by the dart and reporting the accuracy of the player.  It is a good indoor sport for multiple players, which not only reports the accurate reading after a hit as well as preserves them for performance analysis.


Here are some guidelines to buy a good electronic dartboard

  • If you are planning to buy an electronic dart board to enjoy some fun filled moments with your friends, then check how many players the dartboard allows to play simultaneously. Also check how many scores it can show in one go. Most of the available models allow 4-8 players. Select the electronic dart board according to your need.
  • Second thing to check is how many different games options it contains. More the games the better you will enjoy with your pack of friends.
  • Size of the dart board is also a good feature to check in your purchase. Bigger is better.
  • LCD installed on the dart board must be quite durable, reliable and sturdy. It should not be prone to any breakage by an accidental stray dart.
  • Inquire about the weight and construction of accompanying darts. The darts must be solid enough to take a smooth and direct flight to the dartboard in the exact way you want it to hit. They must not be excessively lightweight. A lot of dartboards are quite good in all aspects, but compromise on dart quality. Just check this for a fruitful target practice. The darts should not bounce back from the board.


After my experience with a number of electronic dart boards, these are the points I consider essential to stress upon while getting one for a quality leisure sport.

Why you should get a raclette party grill




If you love entertaining guests and enjoy sharing good food with your close friends, no matter the occasion, then you must be thinking of a grill. You probably have one, or you’re thinking of getting one as soon as possible.

Indeed, a grill is the central piece of many party events, and you can even name the party after it. But you may find surprising the one I have in mind. A raclette grill party is even better than just a grill party, and you should get a raclette grill right away.

The raclette initially referred to the way large chunks of cheese were slowly melted by the fire and then grated by each companion at a time.

This modern version of the raclette grill is usually an electric two-tiered table-top structure, with a bottom level for heating small pans, or coupelles, and a higher level that serves for heating or cooking.

The non-stick surface, sometimes made of granite, makes it ideal for almost any kind of heating or cooking (except maybe chocolate)  as long as you have the right amount of heat.

The beauty of this device is partly inherited from the traditional Swiss practice, which allowed each of the diners to take care of their own raclette (the grilled scraped cheese dish) and accompany it with potatoes, prosciutto, salami, pickles, bread and lots of wine.

Nowadays you can get the cheese slices ready-made, and the pans hold vegetables and potatoes warm and ready for the cheese. The event is just as lengthy, cheerful and relaxed, so you’ll find it hard to believe you lived without the raclette party grill until now.

If that is not reason enough, there is good news for those who want to cook various dishes instead of the common raclette cheese. You can use the raclette grill for anything from meat steak and vegetables to crepes. The Teflon, ceramic coating or other non-stick surfaces will make that possible; search for the products that offer variable heating of the top-tier.

If you’re still not sure whether to buy a raclette party grill or not, check for the models whose upper grill can be configured by flipping it for a different sort of grill arrangement or by recombining the modules. You’ll have long ridges to make space for kebabs or a flat grill to bake the quesadillas.

The grill has a minimum of two cooking pans, but if you’re about to start a party, the ones with eight pans are the ones you should get.

The great idea behind raclette party grill is to get together, eat, have lots of fun and share the task of cooking with everyone else so that it doesn’t have to be a burden for anyone. I hope your first party will be a success!